BEMS Control Systems

Being independent of any manufacturer Open Control Solutions are able to offer a range of products that are best suited to your requirements. All the products selected have a proven track record of ongoing backward compatibility maximising the Life Cycle Cost of any system we install.

We only use control products which support Ethernet IP infrastructure and open protocols including BACnet, KNX, Modbus and Lon ensuring that the system provided can support integration initially or in the future, should there be a requirement.


With the advent of industry standard open protocols like BACnet and Modbus integration of various building services systems including HVAC, Lighting, Fire, CCTV and Access Control are possible without having to rely on propriety 3rd party gateways which can be costly to install and maintain.

Careful considerations at the design stage to which products can integrate together using open protocols is key to ensuring the system can be installed at a lower overall cost and provide real benefits to the client. Some examples of this include a single graphical interface to all the different systems being managed in the building, the same sensing devices being used across different systems, reduced network and cabling costs, lower staff training and maintenance costs.

With years of experience of providing integrated systems we can offer unbiased independent help and advice on the best products to use which meet your project requirements.

Intelligent Lighting Control System

The average electrical consumption of lighting in commercial offices is 33% of the total energy used utilisation of intelligent lighting control systems can produce savings of up to 60% with a further 10% possible due to the decreased load on the heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Lighting that is tailored to the needs of occupants has been shown to improve their well-being and make workplaces more attractive.

We are able to offer systems which can incorporate day light linking, absence control, dimming and scheduling. The systems can be installed standalone our linked to the BEMS system to provide further savings on the installation and running costs.

Lighting control using DALI networks is the most widely used method of lighting control. Lights, sensors and switch all share the same network which allows the system to be installed at the lowest possible cost whilst making reconfiguration of the system simple if the layout of the space is changed

Wireless Systems

Wireless systems are common place in all our lives and in recent years this technology has filtered down into BEMS systems. Often used in existing buildings where it would not be possible to install the additional cables required to accommodate new sensors, outputs and meter readings. We have installed wireless sensing devices and systems from various manufacturers which can be either battery or solar powered to suit your requirements.

Support Services

Unmanaged and poorly maintained installed systems can reduce your systems capability to save energy.

To ensure your system continues to minimise your buildings energy usage we offer flexible support services tailored to your requirements which can include: